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Refrigerated transport is a very important issue for the final consumer: wine producers are well aware of this and over the years they have been able to select providers specialized in cold chain management.

Transporting and shipping wine is equivalent to handling living matter, which is why it is essential to avoid extreme temperature changes along the wine supply chain.

The transition to too low temperatures leads to the condensation of the mineral salts naturally present in wine, which may precipitate and deposit in the form of crystals (tartrates) physically visible in the bottom of the bottle.

On the other hand, a high level of heat can trigger oxidations and fermentations such as to increase the internal pressure with consequent cork leap.

There is also the humidity component that is very important for the safeguarding of the product: if the cork remains humid during transportation, it will continue to remain attached to the bottle and this will prevent oxygen exchange or mutations in the long term.

The breaking of the cold chain therefore is not limited to alter the organoleptic characteristics of the product but it often results in real damages for the producer.

3 good reasons to ship your wine with Avion

We safeguard the quality of the products with controlled temperature transport and we carry out the export of Italian excellence in the agri-food industry with tailor-made door-to-door services.


  • Cold chain compliance

Since the wine is moved in isothermal containers (reefer), we ensure the constant maintenance of the temperature (+15°) which is kept monitored throughout the shipment by Dataloggers.


  • Weekly shipments for large and small quantities

Not only complete FCL containers: the refrigerated shipping service by sea is also assured for the export of small quantities of bottled wine.

On our most frequent routes, Europe and Australia, we operate with a Groupage service of refrigerated containers with weekly departures.

Wineries and retailers can then choose agile transport solutions tailored to the specific needs of their business.


  • Complete wine supply chain management

We have control of the supply of goods: originating from various suppliers located throughout Italy and Europe, often in remote or rural areas, we carry out the withdrawal of the wine with an ad hoc courier service.

We plan the receipt of the product at our warehouses on pre-established days, in order to respect the documentation and loading cut-offs dictated by shipping companies for the ships destined for transport. We provide for the import customs operations and, finally, for the distribution of the goods directly to the recipients.


Rely on Avion’s skilled team for international shipping of food, beverages and perishables: our services, your solutions!