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The global fashion industry was dealt a devastating blow from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the unforgiving virus has the potential to reshape the industry for the better. Consumer behaviour and values have changed, and now slow fashion and sustainability are forces for economic success. Businesses up and down the value chain are drastically changing how they operate to ensure their survival, with most now realising that their business will not survive in the long term without eCommerce. COVID-19 has not only forced the fashion industry to re-invent itself, but it has also driven the logistics industry to follow suit. Despite facing substantial disruptions during 2020, the fashion industry was in strife long before the pandemic hit. Looking hard at their business operations, the fashion and logistics industries quickly discovered that reinvention was the only way forward.

Intermittent lockdowns, temporarily closed stores and the halting of global travel wreaked havoc on the economy. Still, the end of lockdown in many countries is reviving demand across Europe, where fashion brands such as Fendi, Dior, and Louis Vuitton posted record sales in the first half of 2021. In addition, luxury goods group LVMH is boasting a massive come-back after investing heavily in marketing campaigns which skyrocketed their profitability when smaller rivals continue to struggle to find their way out of the pandemic.

Giovanni Morandin, from Italy-based World Fashion Logistics (WFL), and Marco Viglietta, from Avion International (Australia), responded to industry changes by combining forces in a bold move designed to propel their clients’ businesses to new heights. Rich Italian heritage and deep knowledge about fashion and global logistics saw the two companies perfectly positioned to answer the demand in Europe and the South Pacific for fashion and logistics services that are innovative and responsive. The lack of service for fashion companies in Australia is in stark contrast to levels of service available throughout Europe and a major hindrance to business growth throughout the region. As the negative impacts of COVID-19 on the fashion industry continue to reveal themselves, the consensus is those fashion companies who fail to embrace eCommerce in the current climate will lack business longevity.

Avion International (Australia) and WFL are poised to deliver a long-awaited, elevated level of service to the fashion industry across the entire South Pacific region. The groundbreaking partnership promises to achieve this objective by capitalising on their joint network of industry partners and vast knowledge of fashion production, repairs, storage, logistics and delivery. As a result, businesses will have the advantage of exemplary customer service and world-class production and logistics services to increase sales, profitability and overall business success.