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After being postponed several times due to the health crisis, a regulation is now on the way that introduces new ways of issuing EUR1 / A.TR. certificates.

The procedure regulating the issuing and management of these two documents, relating to the movement of goods with preferential origin, will be updated and, barring further delays, will enter into force after the 31st July 2021.

EUR1 and A.TR. , what are they?

EUR1 is the certificate for the movement of goods with preferential origin (i.e. exempt from paying duties), imported or exported to or from countries that have signed trade agreements with the European Union.

On the other hand, the A.TR. certificate regulates import and export trade between Turkey and the European Union, and, regardless of the origin of the goods, exempts the payment of duties.

How the issuing of EUR1 and A.TR. will change

Until now, the shipper, as the exporter’s customs representative, could make use of the blank EUR1 provided by the Customs Authority. From 31 July 2021, the issuing of these certificates will have to be requested close to the shipment, that is, at the same time as the presentation of the accompanying documentation for goods of preferential origin.

Only once checks on the entire supporting documentation have been completed will the Customs Authority issue the signed EUR1.

Why contact Avion?

Since 2010, Avion has been a certified Full Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-Full).

This status guarantees many advantages in the simplification of the complex customs clearance operations that international goods shipments are subjected to.

In the specific case of EUR1, having entrusted Avion with a direct representation mandate, the exporting customer will be able to:

  • Obtain the certificates in less time
  • Make use of the know-how of our Customs Clearance Business Unit for the application to become an Authorized Exporter.

Indeed, to speed up the issuing of the EUR1, companies can apply to the Customs Authority to obtain the status of Authorized Exporter to countries with which they have stable commercial relations, thus declaring preferential origin directly on the invoice, regardless of the value of the exported goods.

Avion’s customs clearance consultancy services are aimed at all companies wanting to bolster their competitiveness!