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About Us

Avion Australia is an international freight forwarding service with 15 years of import and export expertise.
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We are experts in international freight forwarding and logistics.

Providing tailor-made end-to-end solutions from warehousing to delivery.

Avion Australia’s story begins in Italy 70 years ago, when Vittorio Emanuele Giordano and his wife Eugenia Bramati formed Avion Company S.p.A, a shipping company/freight forwarding company that worked with multiple industries. The team built solid relationships with major players in the global import and export industry, and created a network of trusted collaborators, who we still work with to this day.

Avion Australia has been a market leader in international freight forwarding for 15 years and continues to expand into new global markets and value-added shipping services. From our origins as a traditional freight forwarder to an innovative logistics solutions company that utilises new technology, we continue to provide superior service.

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With more demands than ever for global freight forwarding, Avion Australia uses a range of digital tools to enhance all aspects of the logistics journey. We invest in new technology and work with digital experts to ensure transparency for customers at all stages of freight forwarding.

Nobody likes delays, especially businesses relying on shipments of goods. Unfortunately, in the world of logistics unexpected delays can occur, which is why our industry-leading tools allow you track your goods at every moment of their journey.


Our global network provides integrated transport solutions for supply chain optimisation.

Avion Australia has created and maintained a global network of trusted partners to help create integrated shipping and logistics solutions. We continue to expand our network, providing more opportunities and expedited freight forwarding services for our clients. This allows us to develop tailor-made transport solutions for international goods shipping and handling.

Our integrated transport solutions include a full range of specialised equipment to guarantee the safety of goods from door to door. Listening to customers’ needs and ensuring the safe arrival of their assets is at the heart of everything we do. We believe this is crucial to meeting all client expectations to ensure the profitability of their businesses.

Import & Export Freight Forwarding Service

Contact us for more information about our import and export freight forwarding service or request a quote.

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Our Team

Avion Australia team built solid relationships with major players in the global import and export industry, and created a network of trusted collaborators, who we still work with to this day.

Managing Director

Marco Viglietta

Managing Director Marco Vigiletta is a well-respected personality in the freight & logistics industry. With an industry background spanning over three decades, he holds a firmly established track record of achievements in logistics and supply chain management. In 2008, Marco embarked on his journey establishing Avion International (Australia) Pty Ltd. Avion Australia began as a traditional freight forwarder before evolving to a logistics solutions organisation providing innovative options to meet global trends and changing customer expectations.

Apart from his dedication to the company, Marco finds exhilaration in the thrill of speed, often indulging in motorcycle racing whenever he can spare the time. Additionally, he cherishes the opportunity to conclude his day with a delightful Italian meal, surrounded by loved ones and friends.

State Manager VIC/WA/SA/TAS

Goran Drozdibob

GORAN DROZDIBOB, in his role as General Manager for VIC/SA/WA/TAS, brings a remarkable 19 years of professional expertise spanning International Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Domestic Distributions, and Customs Brokerage, with experience extending across diverse industries. He is a Cardiff Metropolitan University awarded Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a proven track of connecting industry and academia.

Beyond his professional commitments, Goran’s commitment is evident through his role as a co-founder and board member of the Australian Serbian Chamber of Commerce. In his leisure time, he is a passionate sports enthusiast who loves football (including prior professional experience), tennis, basketball, volleyball, cycling, kickboxing, kite surfing, and various other athletic pursuits.

State Manager NSW/QLD/NT/ACT

Valter Aiello

Valter Aiello brings more than two decades of expertise to the field of logistics and supply chain management. As State Manager, Valter is responsible for overseeing operations in NSW/QLD/NT/ACT and driving Avion’s growth in Australia. With prior experience in procurement and key accounts, Valter possesses a strong background in building and maintaining client relationships and extensive knowledge in trade lines spanning the USA, Europe, and China.

Valter’s professional journey with the Avion Team has been an exceptional experience thus far. He values the camaraderie of his colleagues, describing them as a group of extraordinary individuals who exude professionalism. He reflects on the privilege of collaborating with freight forwarding and logistics experts, noting the constant opportunities for industry insights and growth.

Valter is a maestro when it comes to baking bread, crafting pizza, and perfecting focaccia – delighting not only himself but also family and friends, all while preserving cherished family recipes. His love of food is complemented by a healthy lifestyle that includes frequent visits to the gym and satisfying his wanderlust by exploring new destinations worldwide.

QLD Branch Manager

Richard Holy

Richard Holy is a multi-lingual executive who has transformed medium as well as complex, large scale businesses and driven strategic change over the last 30+ years. He has significant experience in Supply Chain/Logistics as well as Eco Logistics services, Manufacturing, 3PL, Transport and Consulting across Rail, Industrial, Mining/Oil and Gas, Renewables, Agribusiness, Sports Events, Medical, Aerospace, Defence, as well as Consumer/Retail. Richard’s logistics expertise includes Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, G20, Bechtel LNG Projects, World Youth Day 2008, Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, Sydney 2000 Olympics Games.

Becoming a part of the Avion family has been like a breath of fresh air for Richard. He is enjoying working alongside friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people who want to grow a well-regarded logistics company. During his free time, Richard enjoys indulging in his interests, including sports cars, European travel, cricket, rugby, and agriculture.

Avion Australia – your partner in logistics services

Avion Australia is much more than a logistics and freight forwarder. We are a partner who understands you and can help find the ideal solution for your needs.

We put safety, security, precision and punctuality at the centre of all our services. Whether air freight, sea freight, road freight services, or a mixture of freight forwarding options, we can provide a solution that meets your needs and allows your business to thrive.

Avion Australia has expertise in:

  • Freight services
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery
  • Local and international shipping

Our values

Avion Australia has a commitment to providing exceptional customer service to every client. From sole traders to multi-national organisations, we make your needs our priority.

We do this by using:

  • Online tools that allow transparent, real-time tracking
  • Clear communication: clients can call us or email us if they need to speak to staff member
  • Creating tailor-made solutions to get your goods to you in the right way at the right time.
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Avion Australia is part of the Avion Company SPA Group which is AEO certified Freight Forwarder delivering reliable international shipments.