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Social Commitment

Avion Australia is committed to dedicating attention and resources to social projects that go beyond the international shipping market.
Community Sponsorships & Partnerships
Social Governance

Making a difference in the local communities

Dedicating resources to social projects

As a market-leading organisation, Avion Australia is committed to dedicating resources to social projects and not-for-profit organisations. We believe in making a difference in the local communities where we work for the betterment of society.

Avion Australia proudly supports:
Coogee Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA)

Coogee Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA): Since our Australian operations started in 2008 we have been a proud sponsor of this local sporting association. CBVA was founded by a group of friends in 2008 and has since become a well-run association with a children’s beach volleyball program, adult training classes and squad opportunities. CBVA is committed to leading the growth of beach volleyball in Sydney and is affiliated with State Volleyball NSW and the Australian Volleyball Federation.

“For our members, many of whom have moved to Australia from overseas, CBVA is like a second family”, affirms Blake Bentley, CBVA’s Treasurer. He continues, “We take immense pride in the diverse blend of cultures in the community, and the manner in which beach volleyball serves as a source of enjoyable social connections for all. Marco and Avion Australia have been a constant thread in the ongoing support of CBVA, which have enabled us to enhance the experience offered to our members.”

Superbike Racer Ben Baker

Those with a good eye for talent-spotting should remember the name Ben Baker.

From the time Ben was seven years old he spent most weekends travelling around the country with his family racing on dirt track, before graduating to road racing at age nine. Around the age of 10 it became apparent that racing was more than a hobby. By 2021 Ben won both the R3 cup and the 300 Supersport classes in Australia, something no one had done before. Now is able to combine training and racing with the BMW Alliance Racing superbike team with a career in real estate. Read more: Avion Australia sponsors Superbike Racer Ben Baker.

“The level of experience for a young child was insane,” says Ben’s father, Daniel. “He could out-ride adults on 450cc bikes on his little 65 dirt bike, and his lap times on the tar were fast. Very fast. He has gone about three seconds under every lap record on nearly every bike he rode as a junior.”

Beach Volleyball, Maroubra and Manly has grown to be an integral part of the volleyball community in Sydney and Australia with the help of many passionate people over the years. Gregor Salvin, Director says:

“Companies like Avion International play a vital role for our sport clubs as they contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the club. This support not only benefits the clubs but also promotes healthy lifestyles and encourages participation in physical activities”.

Cooly Beach Volleyball

Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD) regions are renowned for their stunning coastal landscapes, and what better way to embrace the beach culture than through the exciting sport of beach volleyball? Beach Volleyball is more than just a game – it’s a lifestyle. With numerous beaches to choose from including Maroubra, Coolangatta, Manly and Coogee Beach, players and spectators alike can bask in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean while engaging in exhilarating matches. Everyone is welcome on cooly beach Volleyball and there’s something to suit all levels.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

We will be delighted to discuss potential sponsorships and partnerships aimed at promoting social, cultural and sports activities.

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Community Sponsorships & Partnerships

We are happy to discuss potential sponsorships and partnerships that promote social, cultural and sports activities in areas where Avion Australia operates. Contact us for more information.


Avion Australia is committed to meeting the UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals through responsible business practices.

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We are focusing on a zero CO2 business model by reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our partners and customers with sustainable logistics solutions.

Our transport and logistics solutions will continue to connect people and goods in a more sustainable way.

Social Governance

Avion Australia is a reliable and trustworthy business partner whose activities are conducted to the highest ethical standards by putting integrity at the heart of the business.

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Human rights are rights inherent to all humans, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Avion opposes all violations and limitations of human rights and dignity.

Avion Australia undertakes compliance with all national and international regulation across all business units, and we know that maintaining our high ethics is essential to our business.

Avion for Sport

Participate in sports initiatives

We are proud to participate in sports initiatives that encourage the development of young talents and promote social integration.

Through Avion sponsorships, we like to know that we are contributing to the development of sport and sports related training activities.