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Dear Esteemed Customer,

We have recently obtained additional guidance and materials regarding the MUA Industrial Action (PIA) set to take place at DP World ports, as provided by the FTA. We kindly direct your attention to the documents shared by DP World and the FTA news link below:

DP World Australia CFMEU-MUA DIVISION industrial action: Log of bans that the Union will be taking from 30 October 2023
DP World Media Statement 23 October 2023

Avion will maintain continuous vigilance over the situation, in collaboration with industry organisations such as the FTA. These organisations will raise the issue and engage with Australian Government representatives. Avion Australia will keep you updated and take every possible measure to minimise the repercussions of the DPW MUA industrial action on your shipments. We will also make every effort to obtain longer container detention periods whenever they are possible, as container detention is expected to be one of the adverse outcomes of this ongoing MUA industrial action.

This ongoing situation will significantly affect Shipping Lines and their scheduling, as these delays will create a domino effect for all ports of call. Shipping Line vessel routes will experience disruptions, leading shipping lines to seek alternative berths for unloading and reloading their vessels, rather than continuing to utilize DP WORLD.

If you need more information, our customer service team is ready to assist you:
Phone: +61 2 9326 8400

Rest assured, we will diligently observe and share any forthcoming information or news as it becomes available.

Thank you in advance.
Your Avion International (Australia)