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Once upon a time in Italy, life was blissful. The air was fresh, and the sea was crystal clear and clean. Life was about the simple things. The summer “holiday” lasted two to three months, often beginning in early July and ending mid-September. Entire families took to the highway in their Fiat’s and Beetle cars with smiles on their faces and no intention of looking back, at least for the next couple of months. Life was easier.

The beaches were beautiful and the air was full of summer songs. Parents would relax and watch the kids play in safety, and run with their 50 lire to buy a coke and a balloon. The “holiday” lasted so long that it became easy to forget where you live, new friends were made and lost and there was much fun to be had. No one had to study during the “holiday” and the only thing we worried about was not bursting the ball. After nearly 90 days of holiday, it was time to go back to the life we knew, to return home and to go back to school. The first day back to school was all about what you did, where you went and who you met during your summer break. Then it was all back to normal until next year.

Business as Usual.

Today, holidays are shorter and life is less rich. The highways are full of Mercedes, BMW’s and Audi’s and the more exclusive your holiday destination the better your status. August is still the “holiday” period in Italy, but businesses seldom take extended breaks, and for many, it’s business as usual. Avion International Freight Forwarders are no exception. With the support of a huge network of partners, our offices throughout the length and breadth of Italy are open for business as normal. During this time we operate with a skeleton crew to ensure that our clients’ businesses don’t suffer during the holiday period. Avion understands the importance of work/life balance and is dedicated to supporting our staff and our clients to live their best life.