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Charity event in support of one of the largest non-profit hospitals in Equatorial Africa


The partnership between Avion and Fondazione Corti, a non-profit organization that supports St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, one of the largest non-profit hospitals in Equatorial Africa, is continuing.

Founded in 1959 as a small health center, Lacor has now become one of the few hopes of healing and safety for hundreds of thousands of people every year.

 On October 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the beautiful Mirasole Abbey in Opera, near Milan, there will be the first big event in participation organized by Fondazione Corti, after two years of enforced lack.

It will be three days dedicated to solidarity and fundraising in support of the hospital’s activities, which every year assists and treats 250,000 patients, trains up to 700 students to become health professions and employs over 700 employees, all Ugandans.

Avion and Fondazione Corti are connected by a strong friendship. It’s thanks to Avion in fact, that for some years now precious and delicate instruments, which in Uganda are unavailable and essential for the hospital, have been entrusted to the professional care of the International shipping Company’s Team“, the Foundation says.

We are sincerely proud to give our support to Fondazione Corti which has been working with untiring perseverance and expertise for the Lacor Hospital since the beginning of the pandemic, supplying life-saving essentials such as oxygen equipment and protective masks.

The Piero and Lucille Corti onlus Foundation

 The Foundation was established in 1993 in Milan by Piero Corti and Lucille Teasdale and today is the main supporter of the Lacor Hospital in Northern Uganda; it’s led by Piero and Lucille’s only daughter, Dominique Atim Corti.

The Foundation, through fundraising activities, assets and expertise, provides essential economic and technical support that allows the hospital to focus on local needs, and at the same time ensure the continued delivery of services.