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For over 25 years, our company has offered international freight forwarding services supported by an in-house department specialized in customs clearance. Avion’s certified customs know-how is a real added value for customers who entrust us with the international shipment of import and export goods.

Today, we want to focus on the ATA Carnet (the “goods passport”).

What is its use?

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document used for the temporary export and import of certain categories of goods.

What is its use?

The ATA Carnet allows for temporary admission to a given country for certain categories of goods for temporary events, such as exhibitions, fairs and congresses, for a predetermined period not exceeding 12 months.

After being used for its intended purpose, they require re-exporting from the country of destination and re-importing in the country of origin.

What is the Carnet like?

The document is available in English and French, and is structured to allow for up to a maximum of 4 trips.

It has a green cover and differently coloured sheets that highlight different functions:

  • 4 attached sheets for Exportation / Re-importation
  • 4 attached sheets for Import Transit
  • 24 detachable sheets (retained by Customs) for the customs declaration

How should it be presented?

In Italy, the ATA Carnet is issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

The applicant/exporter, having gone to the territorial office of reference, must submit the following completed documents:

  • ATA Carnet application form (made available by the Chamber of Commerce)
  • Security insurance policy stipulation form (which guarantees the customs duties that would have had to be paid in the country of destination if the goods had been nationalized)

On signing the policy, payment of a premium is required, which varies according to the value of the goods. The receipt of the payment into the relevant postal current account must then be attached to the application for the ATA Carnet.

3 important aspects to take into account!

  • The goods exported with the ATA Carnet must be re-imported into the country of origin within 12 months.
  • The ATA Carnet must be returned after use to the Chamber of Commerce that issued it, and, in any case, within 8 days of the expiry of its validity.
  • The company holding the ATA Carnet is exempted from providing guarantees on customs duties for the temporarily imported goods.

The preparation of certificates and applications for the customs clearance of goods requires time and up-to-date know-how on the different regulations in place in the various countries.

Avion, as an AEO certified freight forwarder, can simplify the many customs procedures relating to the international trade of goods.