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Partnership to benefit one of the largest non-profit hospitals in Equatorial Africa.


We are very proud to be friends of the Piero and Lucille Corti onlus Foundation which allows us to contribute to the development of important facilities for the Uganda people (Africa).

The Foundation has been established in Italy in 1993 and since then it has been led by Dominique Corti: together with her, an extraordinary team works every day in support of Lacor Hospital; this is not only a non-profit medical center but also an important training center that allows many Ugandans to achieve and qualify to carry out health care.

The hospital helps and treats 250,000 patients every year, trains up to 700 students to become health professionals and employs over 700 people, all Ugandans.

“Our company,” says Avion’s management, “knows how important it’s to delivery messages as well as goods, aware that supporting valuable projects means growth opportunities for itself as well”.

We are happy to work together with Dominique, Milena, Valentina and Daniela: every meeting is always a rewarding sharing of experiences.