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The Australian Border Force is increasing border cargo and declaration holds after a police investigation revealed that organised crime groups are infiltrating Australian freight and logistics companies. The investigation led to the arrest of at least 29 employees working for freight forwarders, logistics companies, couriers, ports, airports and mail centres across the country. The “trusted insiders” were arrested in connection with the illegal importation of drugs and illicit tobacco. Such situations threaten the integrity of the entire supply chain and place businesses and livelihoods at considerable risk. Freight forwarders and Customs Brokers are responsible for ensuring the security of our clients’ businesses while adhering to Border Force requirements; therefore, we have to take extra cautionary measures for the safety of all.

The Australian Border Force has been working to counter supply chain vulnerabilities for some years now and in light of these recent discoveries look set to double their efforts. For example, consignments containing prohibited imports are being destroyed and delivered duty paid (DDP) shipments with fraudulent documents stating reduced value compared to the amount paid are being quickly identified upon audit by Customs.

As freight forwarders, we must ensure strict due diligence when checking documentation before lodging the entry. We also have the responsibility to ensure that our employees are trustworthy and reliable. “Trusted insiders” pose a serious threat to our industry reputation but also our clients’ businesses and the broader Australian population when illegally importing harmful goods into the country. These untrustworthy individuals facilitate illegal activity by providing privileged information, advice or physical access to systems or premises.

Avion International (Australia) takes every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of our clients’ businesses and to protect our professional reputation as a trusted service provider. Avions employee retention is outstanding, and most staff are long-term employees of the company and all new employees are only onboarded with a clean and current police check.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns on 02 9326 8400; we are always happy to help.