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This year’s biennial art exhibition “Personal Structures” will welcome visitors from April until November 2024 at historical venues in Venice. By bringing together more than 200 artists and multidisciplinary creatives from 51 different countries, Personal Structures seeks to provide a rich tapestry of perspectives on the pressing challenges of our time.

Monument Sculpture Award and ARTPark International in collaboration with Australian sculptors, will be presenting a collection of eight remarkable sculptures at their debut exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2024 in the Marinaressa Garden.

For an artist whose work is selected to be showcased at this renowned event, the journey of their creation doesn’t end with its completion; it begins a new chapter as it embarks on a voyage from its place of origin to the heart of Venice.

Choosing Avion International Australia for the logistics and seamless transportation of the eight exceptional sculptures was an evident and deliberate decision. Omar Viglino, Monument Sculpture Award and ARTPark International emphasised, “Guaranteeing the immaculate condition and punctual delivery of our priceless artwork is of utmost importance. Given Avion’s esteemed reputation in Italy and Australia, as well as the advantageous synergy between their offices, entrusting Avion with our art shipment was a logical decision.

Presently, one of the primary challenges in shipping involves circumventing the Red Sea due to ongoing issues in the Suez Canal. This results in delays and increased expenses for customers. Alessio Longhi, Key Account Manager at Avion Australia, elaborated that because of these persistent Suez Canal problems, vessels must take longer routes via the Cape of Good Hope. Additionally, multiple voyages bound for Italy have been canceled. “To ensure timely delivery, we opted to redirect the shipment’s destination from Venice to Zeebrugge, Belgium. Consequently, we organised transportation of the sculptures by road to Venice, ensuring its punctual arrival. Despite these hurdles, Avion adeptly crafted a contingency strategy and successfully delivered the unique art pieces on schedule!”

Omar Viglino adds: “Collaborating with Avion instills a sense of peace of mind. Their careful planning, skilled handling, and mutual enthusiasm for artistic expression ensure that our artworks’ journey across continents secures their position on the global stage”.

Transporting artworks internationally involves detailed planning and coordination to ensure their safe arrival at their destination. From the delicate handling of fragile sculptures to the climate-controlled conditions required for preserving paintings, every aspect of the transportation process is carefully managed. Each artwork is meticulously packaged using materials tailored to its specific requirements.

Another crucial aspect is navigating international customs regulations for art transportation. Artworks traveling to the Venice Biennale from Sydney must adhere to strict customs protocols, including declarations of value and provenance documentation. Working closely with customs brokers and cultural heritage authorities, organisers ensure adherence to all legal mandates, thereby facilitating the seamless transit of artworks across borders and their eventual return to Australia.

Teaming up with their experienced Italian Avion colleagues, Avion worked out the best logistics solutions with the necessary sensitivity at all times. Stefano De Alberti, Avion in Italy states: “For the eight irreplaceable sculptures from Australia we simplified customs procedures and cost by using a carnet, which is a temporary clearance method. This is ideal for artworks intended for exhibitions, professional use, or trade samples.”

Artwork transport on a carnet is commonly utilised for exhibition goods, professional equipment, and trade samples. For artists exhibiting their work internationally, a carnet provides a hassle-free solution for transporting their pieces to and from exhibition venues without the financial burden of duty payments. Similarly, galleries and museums benefit from the convenience and cost savings afforded using a carnet when organising traveling exhibitions or loaning artworks to institutions abroad.

Mr. De Alberti elaborates: “Avion Italy has a strong partnership with Avion in Australia, forming the global “A-Team” to oversee every aspect of a secure journey. We ensure that your delicate possessions are consistently handled by capable professionals, whether they’re traveling within Italy, crossing Europe, or embarking on intercontinental routes from Down Under.”

The Avion Group offers personalised solutions for transporting unique artifacts and even managing entire art exhibitions. Utilising specialised state-of-the-art equipment, Avion is equipped to overcome any logistical challenge, whether they’re traveling within Australia/New Zealand, across Europe, or on intercontinental routes.

The journey of an artwork from Sydney to Italy for the Venice Biennale is a testament to the power of creativity and the interconnectedness of the global art community. Through meticulous planning, expert handling, and a shared passion for artistic expression, artworks traverse continents to find their place on the world stage.

As visitors explore the galleries of the Biennale, they bear witness to the diverse voices and visions shaping our contemporary artistic landscape, united in their journey from Sydney to Italy and beyond.


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