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The entire freight forwarding industry is currently facing the strongest headwinds imaginable. Social restrictions and trade restrictions continue to stall the economy, but Avion International remains operational in a bid to support the global supply chain and its valued customers.

The COVID-19 situation remains unpredictable, and we continue to monitor the situation closely. Our long industry experience and insights gained has enabled us to calmly address the situation with flexible, responsive solutions that minimise the impact on our clients and the entire supply chain. Avion International is certainly not immune to this continuing drama, but we are unwavering in our determination to support our clients and the global supply chain. We continue to provide innovative consolidation services and superior 3PL services and will continue to navigate the changing circumstances resolutely, and with caution.

Avion International branches worldwide are operating according to local guidelines, and the movement of cargo is largely unaffected. We have implemented strict COVID-19 distancing and protection guidelines for the safety of all as we continue to help our clients to address their operational challenges.