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With the worlds economic problems being entirely driven by COVID19 and public health concerns, it’s impossible to say when supply chains will get back to some level of normality. COVID19 drove people to panic buy and hoard supplies, which ultimately depleted shelves and sent inventory levels out of sync. Logistics companies around the world have been hit hard with workers in warehouses laid off due to quarantine restrictions and social isolation. Even the largest of global logistics companies are under extreme financial stress and are experiencing disruptions across their entire global supply ecosystems. While the majority of countries are allowing truckers to haul freight, many ports are operating at a reduced capacity meaning that containers may be slow to be inspected and unpacked. The turnaround of containers and the forwarding industry as a whole will continue to be disrupted for some time to come.

Despite being at the epicentre of the outbreak in Europe, Italy exempted its ports from lockdowns in a bid to maintain supply chains for vital medical equipment and food supplies. Italy, much like China, is beginning to make a comeback, albeit a very slow road. In the current state of semi-normalcy, Avion Freight Forwarders are increasing our clients’ supply chain resilience with greater visibility to manage disruptions when they occur. In anticipation of future economic upheaval and subsequent critical supply chain disruptions, Avion is working diligently to increase visibility, and to optimise supply chain efficiency and agility. We continue to support our clients through the most difficult of times with robust consolidated shipment services and a vast global network of partners.

Regardless of your global location, Avion International Freight Forwarders have forwarding solutions for all your logistics needs. Give us a call today on (02) 9326 8400 to find out how we can help you.