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What Marco Viglietta does not know about logistics, freight forwarding, and supply chain is not worth knowing. The Managing Director at Avion Australia is this month celebrating the 15th anniversary of the company he started in Sydney.

Before founding Avion International Australia, Marco accumulated three decades of experience in freight forwarding and logistics at various international companies. His decision to embark on this entrepreneurial journey came after realising that his vision no longer aligned with his previous employer of 12 years.

“In 2004, I was employed at another freight forwarding company, so I had some insight into the market. However, I took a significant leap of faith at the outset. In the early days, every client, regardless of their size, was new to me. I had no benchmarks to refer to; I was essentially starting from scratch. But I was successful in turning cold calls into clients.”

Avion Australia initially operated as a traditional freight forwarder but soon transformed into a logistics solutions provider, offering innovative answers to meet evolving global trends and shifting customer demands.

Manuela Giordano, COO of AVION COMPANY S.p.A. expresses: “Avion has been a key player in the international freight forwarding industry since 1995. It all began in Italy and later expanded its operations into Europe and China.” Massimo Giordano, CEO and Founder of AVION COMPANY S.p.A., continues: ” When Avion ventured into Australia, it marked a significant milestone for the Avion Group as we expended into a new market, solidifying our position as major players in the worldwide import and export arena. Hence, the Giordano Family extend our heartfelt congratulations to Avion Australia to this remarkable achievement.”

Looking back over the past 15 years, the industry has experienced significant transformations. While the global financial crisis (GFC) had unpredictable impacts on the industry, Australia managed to fare better than some other countries. The import and export of goods continue to hold a crucial position in Australia’s economic panorama.

Lee Raymond, the Chairman and Founder of Avion Shipping Co Ltd, Hong Kong, extends heartfelt congratulations: “As a partner that has been here since the beginning, it has been a pleasure to witness the growth and achievement of this magnificent company, hence I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to Avion Australia on this special occasion, and my friend Marco for his hard work and perseverance along the way. Cheers to the 15 years and here’s to many more!”

Avion Australia takes great pride in its commitment to future-proofing and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional services in freight forwarding, logistics, and warehousing, marking this as one of its most remarkable achievements. Half a decade ago, the company initiated a substantial investment venture in logistics technology, a decision that became even more pivotal during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Avion Australia observed a burgeoning trend among businesses, particularly amidst the pandemic, wherein they sought outsourced 3PL solutions to effectively manage their surplus warehouse inventory. In today’s contemporary business landscape, there’s an increasing inclination among companies to prioritize their core operations while outsourcing various functions.

Avion Australia continues to thrive, with recently inaugurated, purpose-built offices in Melbourne and Queensland. Recognising the under-served potential in these growing markets, the company made establishing new branches a priority.

Looking ahead to the next 15 years, the company’s plans involve elevating these newly established offices to match the success of their Sydney headquarters. “We aim to develop them to the same level as our Sydney office and replicate the Sydney experience,” Marco declares.

Marco expresses gratitude for his team’s support in making Avion Australia the success it is today, particularly acknowledging a former colleague who was there from the beginning.  “I’d like to extend my thanks to our partners who have supported us from Italy, China, and Hong Kong. Without them, our business wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Avion Australia offers comprehensive assistance to businesses across various industries, encompassing importing, exporting, logistics, supply chain management, and customs support. Explore how they can benefit your business.